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An Atlanta based wanderer looking for adventure
while never sacrificing style.

I’ve been traveling from coast to coast and around the world since I could save money for my first trip to Washington D.C. That was nearly 25 years ago and leads to more about wear to wander.

Taking those years of experience as well as combining them with the fashion industry I work in, I created “Wear to Wander”. Additionally, you’ll find a curated wardrobe designed specifically for the destination with an itinerary or helpful tips to getting around the area.

About Wear to Wander Albuquerque New Mexico hot air balloon festival

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Well Traveled. Styled Well.

About Wear to Wander

I have two main loves: style and travel. Thanks to my career I’ve uniquely been able to keep both close at hand. My favorite things to do on a trip are:

  • Eating good food. First and foremost, that is key to any amazing trip in my books. Anything from fine dining to street vendors, I’m down for it. So long as it’s delicious.
  • Checking out local sights. Before a trip, I’ll research where and what the locals are doing. This could be a farmer’s market or catching a concert in the park or at an amphitheater.
  • Helicopter tours. These definitely can’t be done in every town, but when I can I love to catch one and see the area from above. 
  • Museums. I’ll usually head to a gallery or museum on hot or rainy days. It’s an opportunity to see local artists and possibly pick up a small moment from the trip. Prints are always easy to travel with, and they create conversations around the house. 
Don’t stop here. Keep reading on for more about Wear to Wander…

The wandering Timeline

solo trip
trip abroad
First flight
First cross country trip

Every First Step begins A New Adventure

Wear to Wander: (v), /ˈwändər/- to ramble, roam, or rove while well dressed.

What is it that leads me to exploring more about wear to wander? To the left is a timeline of “firsts” in travel for me, and I can still remember the feeling of excitement for each trip. Those adventures created a deeper love for travel and a longing to see the world, meet new people, and experience new cultures.

The guides I put together are a starting place for you to wander. While they are meant to point you towards a destination, but not the only direction. As you use them, let me know what helped and what new spots you find along the way.

The Essential Guidelines

There are six essential guide types you’ll find on this site. Eventually, each city will have a post 

on each guide type and they’ll tell you more about wear to wander.

Three Days In the City

Have you ever found yourself wanting to get away to a city for a long weekend, but you need an itinerary? I’ve got you!

Your three day itinerary will include:

  • A wardrobe complete with toiletries and different ways to mix and match your pieces
  • A few breakfast, lunch, dinner recommendations to check out. If you want a full foodie list, you’ll want to check out the “Foodie Field Trip” guides!
  • Activities to do and see in the city, as if it were your first time visiting.
  • Two additional days for excursions outside of the city, where applicable.
Sukhumvit Road, Thailand at night
About wear to wander travel restaurant

Foodie Field Trip

Every good trip should include good food. Of course, that is simply a requirement in my books.

Each foodie field trip will include:

  • Lists from breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Local delights and specialties
  • Varying cuisines for anyone to find something they’ll like
  • Recommendations from the current menu
  • Price point for the restaurants as well

Seasonal Travels

Head here if you are searching for the best spots to see the leaves change in fall, where to ski in winter or a spot to see the most gorgeous blooms come spring.

A few of the topics found in this category are:

  • Destinations to escape your climate
  • Must see gardens and where to pick flowers during the season
  • Apple picking and pumpkin farms come autumn
  • The best ski resorts in the United States
  • Most haunted cities of America
  • Viewing seasonal changes at their peak
  • Where to experience the Northern Lights

Weather Wear

As the seasons change, it’s important to think about how your travel wear will need to change with it. Not only will this include seasonal wardrobes but also outfits according to the region.

Here you’ll find:

  • Suggestions for outfits in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
  • Each season I’ll include toiletries that work best with the weather
  • Specialty posts for activities such as hiking, skiing, and more

Fashion In Film

Along with style and travel, I have a love for movies. As a child, I grew up watching black and white films alongside romantic comedies. I believe a lot of the style I learned came directly from some of the classics. This section will delve into classics and modern movies, and cover the location they take place in along with outfits inspired by the film.

The best of fashion in film will have:

  • Outfits created from iconic looks
  • Information on the location of the movie
  • Activities to do based on happenings from the film
About Wear to Wander red velvet theater chair

The Essentials

The Essentials are just what you’d think. Only they’ll be based on color palettes that’ll help you curate your travel style.

Get the details on essential items you’ll need to take on your next adventure.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

- Saint Augustine

The Essentials Guide

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