The Most Beautiful Towns Along The Amalfi Coast

The Most Beautiful Towns Along The Amalfi Coast

The Most Beautiful Towns Along The Amalfi Coast can be enjoyed in a week long trip. I’ve mapped out points of interest, secret vineyards, fabulous restaurants and more to get your plans started. Find all the best spots from Positano, Capri, Amalfi, Atrani, Sorrento and more!

The Amalfi Coast is a dream destination and it is beyond charming. The people are wonderful and you’ll find your own luxurious escape here in the Italian seaside. You’ll be creating memories in one of the most picturesque corners of the world. Enjoy this carefully curated guide to The Most Beautiful Towns Along The Amalfi Coast. As with all of my guides, use this as a resource. Then go out there and discover your own place and style as you wear to wander. 


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The Amalfi Coast | Getting There

Traveling to The Amalfi Coast...

The most convenient way to get to The Amalfi coast is by flying into Naples (NAP). I prefer flying Delta, and book directly through them as often as possible. One of the best travel tips I’ve been given is to stick with one airline whenever possible. On top of the points accrual, you’ll have access to airport clubs of your preferred airline if you consistently travel to qualify. Once you touch down in Naples, you can get to Sorrento by train, bus, ferry or taxi. I’ve found this website to be the best for information on traveling around Italy. They have great information for nearly all methods of transportation, and are extremely helpful for travel anywhere in Italy.


My other top recommendations to traveling along The Amalfi Coast is hopping on a scooter. They’re easy to drive, and highly accessible in many places. Parking them is simple as well, and you’ll be getting around like a local. Check with your hotel for access to scooters or bikes, and ask if they know of a local guide to show you around the city. It’s a fun way to see it all! 

Il Posto Dove Stare | Which City?

A bit more about individual cities along the coast


As the official starting point of The Amalfi Coast, this city is the busiest of them all. Because of this you’ll find plenty of English speaking people and accessibility for the traveler looking for an introduction to Italian travel. You can take day trips to Pompeii or other cities on the coast, though Sorrento has plenty to see and do. 

Sant’Agata + Nerano

Head here if your looking for a quiet historical tour that is lead also by your taste buds. They have options ranging from cheap to chic with regional delicacies like the Sant’Anna tomato and the Monti Lattari cheese. Make sure to try a plate of the ultra classic Nerano’s spaghetti with zucchini pesto to really try it all.


Known for pastel-colored homes scattered down the hillside, this seaside village has incredible views that will captivate your heart. Be prepared to get a true workout in walking up and down the steps in this “vertical town”. Positano is the most luxurious city of the bunch, and has the bonus os sandy beaches unlike many of the other beaches along the coast that have pebbles. 

Praiano + Conca dei Marini

Get the beach vacation you dream of with the small-town atmosphere of these two towns. These would be the best towns for anyone heading out on their honeymoon  as so much of the area is romantic and beautiful. There are also a ton of caves to explore nearby, so absolutely take advantage of the location.

Amalfi + Atrani

Amalfi is the largest town on the coast, and one of the most popular places to stay. You’ll find all the luxurious amenities and beauty without the same prices of Positano. It’s the half way point because Sorrento and Salerno, so a great versatile spot to be. This makes it a great base for day trips to Capri as well. If Capri is on your list to visit I’d stay here. A little over a mile down the road from Amalfi is Atrani. It’s the smallest of the towns on the coast and gives you an intimate feel. Staying in either spot gives you the same access to beaches, art, architecture and history.


Tucked into the cliffs, this city has all the views though none of the beaches. It’s a romantic option away from the crowds. I find that this town has a much slower speed, so it’s perfect for someone wanting to take in the seaside while perching from the Villa Cimbrone gardens.

Vietra Sul Mare

Technically the last small town on The Amalfi Coast but most definitely a must for me to stop by and enjoy. This small town is known for their exquisite ceramics known as majolica. You’ll avoid many tourists in this town and enjoy a relaxing quiet seaside experience. It’s a great town to pass through for a few hours!


Sorrento | Limoncello Life

Coastal City For the Day Tripper

Sorrento is one of the largest cities on the coast and easy for travelers to get to. It’s known for giant lemons that you can smell as soon as you walk near one of the many groves tucked around the town. Some of the most famous views of the city comes from the Hotel Belair Sorrento. Stay there and enjoy a breakfast from the rooftop or order a Limoncello Spritz (a local twist on a classic aperitivo) at sunset. When you’re well rested after your travel time, explore the Marina Grande. It’s a vibrant fishing marina on the lower level of the city. You can dine al fresco or enjoy a romantic meal at the Ristoranto Bagni Delfino

During the day, you’ll find plenty of shopping and my favorite is having a pair of custom sandals made. Pop into Corium Sandals and have a pair custom made for your trip. For a true Sorrento dining experience, book a table under the lemon trees at O’Parrucchiano. It’s the birthplace of cannelloni and you won’t find it better anywhere else.


Start in the hillside of beautiful Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi and work your way down the trails to Nerano. These two towns are connected by this stunning trail giving you two quiet areas to explore. You’ll find the most breathtaking panoramas of the gulf of Naples and Salerno. The main square is the center of town and worth wandering around to get lost in. This area is rich in history and renowned for their culinary cuisine. Nerano has a local specialty, spaghetti ala Nerano (it is a delicious pasta dish with zucchini and local provolone cheese). 

What I love most about this area is how laid back and quiet it is, yet you’ll find a two starred Michelin restaurant in Nerano. Little gems like this are tucked between the history of the area. It is all well worth exploring for the adventurous soul.



Path of the gods

It’s hard to not fall in love with Positano. The whole city is a picturesque landscape of luxurious pastel buildings tucked into the hillside. It’ll become your happy place as quickly as it became mine. Many are drawn to Positano for it’s high end accommodations and beautiful hiking opportunities. Taking in the Path of the Gods is an absolute must because the views are incredible. Wander in to the church of Santa Maria Assunta at town center or spend the day on the beach soaking up the sunshine. If you’re looking to shop locally pop into Nadir for colorful prints and unique finds or La Bottega Di Brunella for fine linens. Another great option is taking a cooking class. Here are a ton of options.

John Steinbeck once wrote, “Positano bites deep” and I couldn’t agree more. Paddle out on a kayak (here is the best spot to rent from!) and take a view of the whole city on the hill from the water. It’s a delightful spot to spend a luxurious vacation!

Praiano + Conca dei Marini

Love is certainly in the air in these quiet seaside towns. Nearly all of the restaurants have tables with a view, and a few are even on the Michelin Guide. Since these spots are a bit more quiet, your to do list is all about relaxation. You can book a spa appointment at Monastero Santa Rosa, or take in the sites of the city. The Church of St. Gennaro is in the town centra and worth visiting. It’s stunning architecture and incredible views are a moment of peace to cherish. If you have the ability to drive, head to Fiordo di Furore. It’s a steep walk down to a tiny beach but I promise it is one of the most beautiful spots you’ll visit. Perhaps the Fiordo is out of the picture for you. Instead reserve a chair at One Fire Beach Club

Amalfi + Atrani

One big city | One small town

Since you’ll be in the heart of limoncello land, let’s begin in this area with a limoncello class here in Amalfi. It’ll be a welcomed break from time spent on the beach (though the beach in Amalfi is the center of the show!). Then make your way to the center of town and check out the spectacular cathedral. You’ll notice a trend- each of these towns has an amazing cathedral you must see! 

Just a mile down the road and you’ll find Atrani. Amalfi is the largest city on the coast, whereas Atrani happens to be the smallest. Don’t let the size of either throw you off. They both have a ton of old world charm. Atrani’s beaches happen to be the most picturesque of them all thanks to the beautiful backdrop of the light pink town of Atrani. After time on the beach, pop in to Le Arcate. It’s practically on the beach and has the most amazing classic Italian food.


La Città Della Musica

Ravello is the musical gem of the Amalfi Coast, boasting the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer. They host an extensive Summer program of musical events making it a wonderful place to visit. You can take in the most incredible views with a stop at Chiesa Dell’Annunziata or head to the gorgeous Duomo di Ravello. Afterwards you can take in Ravello Old Town and enjoy a drink at one of the many cafes or browse through the boutiques full of artisanal specialties (Filo d’Autore is a must for the most fabulous cashmere). Ravello is known for their their handmade ceramics often decorated with a lemon motif (check out Ceramiche d’Arte Carmela). I like to pick up small plates to bring home as gifts or to use as ring plates. As a treat, head to one of the many wineries for a tasting and enjoy a drink from a picturesque table. Or try the limoncello at Profumi della Costiera di Mansi Daniele on Via Trinita. They don’t add coloring or preservatives and it’s divine!

You’ll love the quiet charm of Ravello because it’s just as beautiful as any of the towns but without the tourists.


Vietra Sul Mare

Last but not least

This happens to be the last stop on the Amalfi Coast (or first depending on the way you are going!) thought certainly not the least. Don’t overlook this mostly undiscovered town. As soon as you hop off the train you’ll see the most beautiful view of the city. Down by the water you’ll find the quietest beach on the Amalfi Coast- Spiaggia della Crestarella. You’ll need to reserve your spot ahead of time, but the privacy and peace is worth the extra time it takes to set it up. Vietri Sul Mare is known for their ceramics and is often referred to as the ceramic capitol of the world. Make your way to Ceramica Pinto where you’ll find floor to ceiling ceramics available for purchase. You can even go to the Museum of Ceramics or experience the creative process first hand at Solimene Ceramics Factory. Thanks to this love of ceramics, this town is vibrant and colorful at every point. Lastly, check out the schedule for the Villa Comunale. It’s a park and amphitheater that overlooks the water that you cannot miss.

La Dolce Vita | Italian Style

A Note On Amalfi Coast Style

Italy is known for classic apparel with well-tailored pieces that are stylishly put-together. The coastal region of Amalfi is no different with undeniably glamorous style. You’ll always be safe going for a more chic look than a casual one and accessories reign supreme. I like to pack items that I can interchange, and make statements with quality accessories. Opt for straw or crossbody bags and straw hats while you’re near the coast. You will fit right in with sophisticated looks that show thought was put into them but they are not too dramatic. I prefer to keep my colors more on the neutral side but do know that there is a lot of color in the region and it also translate to many of the boutiques and clothes you will find in them. Coastal fashion is all about adding effortlessly chic dresses and hats to offer shade from the sun. Even though you’ll be at the beach, plan on stepping up the typical beach style game.

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