Atlanta’s Best Parisian Cafe

Atlanta's Best Parisian Café

Atlanta’s Best Parisian Café is located in Buckhead Village in the most beautifully designed spot. Make your way to Le Bon Nosh now for a truly beautiful experience. You’ll be instantly greeted by high ceilings that lead your eye to the open kitchen where you can watch the chef prep. If you’re heading there for a quick coffee, you’ll want to turn to the left to order at their coffee bar. They have a large shelf of pastries that are available to go if you are on the run, but I would suggest taking your time and staying for a while.

Near the back left corner they’ve provided wide tables set for communal dining. Find a spot and for when you are wanting to eat relatively quickly, or ask to be seated in their main dining area for lunch and dinner. The seating creates an intimate feel that is comfortable and ready for the fantastic food to come. 

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Le Bon Nosh

Atlanta's Best Parisian style bakery + restaurant

Le Bon Nosh is a French-inspired restaurant located in Atlanta, GA. The restaurant offers a variety of classic French dishes, as well as a bakery and cafe that runs during the day.If you are heading there for coffee, my go to drink is their oat milk cappuccino. I limit my dairy and meat consumption, and can say the avocado toast and chia seed pudding were fantastic. Each item comes out looking like a little work of art. The dinner menu features both starters and main courses, making it perfect for a casual lunch or a romantic dinner. For starters, the restaurant offers a selection of bites and salads (get the kale salad!), as well as a charcuterie plate with a variety of meats and cheeses. The main course options include a variety of meats and seafood, as well as vegetarian-friendly options. The restaurant also offers an extensive dessert menu, featuring both classic French desserts and more unique offerings. They change each menu according to the season, so you always have something new to try. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Le Bon Nosh is sure to have something to satisfy your appetite.

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