Bottom: (n) ˈbä-təm/ the part of a garment worn on the lower part of the body

This pair of jeans are my go to denim. They’re slightly cropped and frayed at the edge and look so chic with flats and heels. Since they have a skinny leg, you can also easily wear them with boots and booties. They’re the most universal pair of jeans out there. Especially since the dark wash is effortlessly worn casual or a bit more formal.

Joggers are fantastic to wear on travel days. The waistband is comfortable, and wears well whether you are traveling by plane or by car. This particular pair is a personal favorite of mine because they are coat, comfortable and look so great with sneakers. It’s the ultimate  travel outfit for me.

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Determining Your Travel Needs

I love a good skirt. Whether you like mini, midi, or maxi skirts it’s all a personal preference. If you can’t tell, I adore a pleated midi skirt. They can be worn with sneakers and a tee or dressed up with heels for a nice dinner out. 

I prefer to go with comfortability and versatility over all. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best bottoms for your travel:

  • A midi skirt is your most versatile choice when it comes to skirts. Like I said above, you have options to dress them up or down. If you’ll be wearing it during travel, look for an elastic waistband that’ll be maximum comfort.
  •  A mini or maxi skirt can be a dramatic addition for any wardrobe. They’re typically more limited in how you can wear them, but that doesn’t mean you should totally stay away from them. I reserve them for special dinners or events on trips knowing I probably won’t get as much wear out of them.
  • Lastly, let’s talk about pants. Once you have your itinerary, it’ll be a lot easier to determine the needs. I like to have one pair of denim, and one pair of dress or chino pants for most trips. Choose the wash of your denim according to what you’ll be up to. Lighter denim tends to be more casual, which a dark wash or black denim can be worn dressed up.

At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference. Though choosing the best bottom to go with your look starts with comfort for me. Another factor to consider is availability to iron or steam. I’d suggest investing in a travel steamer, and will link one down below.