Golden Girls Gift Guide

Golden Girls Gift Guide: Starting in 9th grade, we got cable. No longer would I be rewatching the same movies everyday and this was like a whole new world opening up. I’d wake up extra early, turn the volume down low and watch Designing Women and Golden Girls before anyone noticed I was up. There was a boy at school who did the same thing and we’d chat between classes to talk about the funny moments from each show. I don’t remember how I found out that he also watched them every morning but once I did it became our thing. Consequently, the Lifetime Network was my go to, though I’m certain the after school movies were not relatable for teenage me. I loved them…

When I started thinking about the holidays and the gift guides that would be coming out, I knew I didn’t want to do something expected. I hope you all enjoy the next few days of oddly themed nostalgic gift guides. Therefore Designing Women will be coming up shortly! What shows did you all watch growing up?

If you have some that you loved or a movie, send me a message. You can find me on Instagram or comment down below!

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