Handbag: (n) ˈhan(d)-bag/ a bag held in the hand or hung from a shoulder strap and used for carrying personal items

Types Of Handbags

There are many types and styles of handbags. Each style serves the same, but different purpose. The size and shapes may vary, but they are all meant to keep safe the tiny things we need housed. From our wallet to that brochure you picked up on the haunted house down the street, handbags serve an important role.

Let’s do a quick run down of types of handbags, and see how they will best serve your purpose:

  • Backpack: This style is particularly great for day of travel. I opt for this if I am taking my laptop with me, or go with a small crossbody. Both will keep hands free and be the easiest to carry.
  •  Bucket Bags: Depending on the closure, I see these as more of a secondary bag for a trip. I’ll take one for a specific outfit, usually for a dinner.
  • Clutches + Wristlets: Clutches can transform an outfit for a dinner out, and some have straps to make them a crossbody by day. 
  • Crossbody Bags: The best all around bag for easy light travel. They typically don’t hold a lot, but they’ll keep the essentials easily at hand.
  •  Shoulder Bags: A great option if you need more space. These tends to be larger, and come in a variety of shapes.
  • Totes: Often convertible with a shoulder strap, these bags are ideal for carrying more items and even a change of clothes if you’re worried about luggage going missing.

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My go to bag for most days is a crossbody similar to this one. I like to travel hands free and on the lighter side so I can get through security quickly. You’ll be able to take your small wallet, airpods, phone, and a few other small essentials you may have.

These bags are wonderful to tuck into your luggage for an evening look, especially one where you want to look chic but also will be walking. You can tuck it under your arm, or wear it from your wrist. Either way you’ll look effortlessly fabulous!

This section includes two very different concepts, but I felt they needed to be covered.

First, seasonal bags. Typically your material (think straw, suede, acrylic, leather) and color will help to dictate the appropriate seasonal wear. I set out to find one bag each season that fits into this category and now have my trusted “extras” for the seasons.

Second, let’s talk quiet luxury. Without having a large logo, most will recognize the iconic Hermès orange on this Kelly bag. While this is not as quiet as most, I prefer this still of a well made quality bag that speaks for itself. Occasionally I break this, but I tend to gravitate towards extra style without extra logos.