Luggage: (n) ˈləɡij/ a suitcase or bags for your wear to wander

If I am traveling on a longer trip, I tend to like a 30-inch bag. It’s considered a large suitcase and I know I’ll have plenty of room for whatever I need, plus space for things I want to bring home. For special trips I look for mementos to bring home. That could be artwork, a piece of jewelry or a Christmas ornament. These items make for wonderful memories.

This is an ideal size for carry-on luggage. While you are technically allowed to take a 22-24″ suitcase on most domestic flights, international carry on restrictions are up to 21″. I don’t like to have too many pieces around, and prefer to keep it simple with this size.

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Determining Your Luggage Needs

There are a lot of options out there and it can be overwhelming choosing the right travel pieces. They’re an investment you shouldn’t have to make frequently. Personally I prefer darker pieces that don’t show scuffs and marks that happen along the way. I also really love silver and grey pieces for that reason as well. 

Next up consider what size you need. Since I travel so often, I have multiple places. Here is a good rule of them for roller bags:

  • Up to 21″ – This is your carry-on size. As mentioned above, I prefer to keep my carry-on at this size for domestic and international purposes. Use this size for short 1-3 day trips, but remember you won’t be able to take liquids. Check with the TSA website (here) for current regulations on liquid limits.
  •  23-27″ – You’ll be checking this size in so it gives you allowance to bring whatever you need. When I am checking in luggage for a three day or more trip, this is typically my go to size.
  • 28″ & above – Generally, I use this for longer trips that are domestic. When I am traveling internationally, I actually prefer splitting my wardrobe into two smaller bags. Elevators can be smaller and in some places you’ll have to use stairs. No one wants to lug a giant bag up stairs!

Pack smarter with compression travel bags that’ll keep you organized along the way. I like to organize my outfits or types of clothing in each cube. This helps me to pack efficiently and not overpack. 

When you get to your destination, you’ll also be able to find exactly what you need a lot easier.