Tea Time At Camellias In Charleston

Tea Time At Camellias In Charleston

Tea time at Camellias in Charleston holds a special place in my heart. Not just because it’s a spectacular experience, but because it reminds me of my Grandmother. I’m sharing a bit about the woman who helped raise me, and the experiences I had with her as a child.

Southern Ladies With Charm

There are certain women that make an indelible mark on our lives and I’m sure a few immediately came to your mind when you read that. I’ve shared about my mom, but another woman I’ll always admire is my Grandmother. She was a Southern lady, always proper and always appropriate. She had been a fifth grade teacher for her entire career, so the possibility of using incorrect grammar in front of her was out of the question. I’m certain she would find things to correct in my writings now, and at 35 I’d still work to get her seal of approval. She was from a generation so far from where we are today that many of her practices seem antiquated and peculiar, though I’m grateful to have learned from her.

During the week while my siblings were in school and my mom was at work, I got to spend quality time with her. We’d pull weeds from the garden, and she’d take the opportunity to teach me about hummingbirds and hydrangeas. Afterwards we’d sit on her covered porch sipping Country Time lemonade (I always requested the pink lemonade! How about you?). I remember one day in particular that we put out my play tea set and ate her homemade shortbread cookies while sipping tea. I felt like royalty to be honest, and it’s one of those memories I’ll always cherish.

A Special Place To Create Memories

While I don’t have kids of my own, I’ve thought a lot about ensuring that the little girls in my life feel special and have moments just like that. There is a hotel in Charleston that has a tea room and lounge, Camellias, where they do the most fantastic afternoon tea. It’s the sort of place that you dress up and make an event. Every inch of it is posh and pink, with the most spectacular crystal chandelier. I’m certain if I had walked in as a child I would’ve thought it was the height of all things beautiful, because I still feel that way about it now when I get to visit. 

When they reached out to me about an upcoming launch of their specialty tea blend in partnership with Tealeaves, I was delighted to share my experience at Camellias. If you find yourself in Charleston, make a reservation to visit. You’ll be greeted by the warmth of Southern hospitality as soon as you enter the Hotel Bennett. I’ve included a few images from the launch party of their specialty tea, as well as shots from inside Camellias on each board. It’s certainly a magical place that I hope you all can experience at some point. 

The Hotel Bennett

Ranked the top Luxury Hotel IN America

As soon as you step into the Hotel Bennett you’ll be greeted with the characteristic Southern charm Charleston is known for. In 2021 it was ranked as the top luxury hotel in America, and for good reason. They don’t miss a detail on anything, and ensure that your stay is as delightfully wonderful as the hotel itself. They’re located in the heart of Charleston on King Street amidst the best restaurants and shopping the city has to offer. While there is always something going on outside, you’ll step away from it all as soon as you enter. 

Inside the Hotel Bennett, you’ll find one of the most stunning champagne lounges called Camellias. If you’ve ever looked at images around Charleston, it’s no doubt you’ve seen a picture of this spot pop up. It’s pink and posh from floor to ceiling and feels like walking into a jewelry box thanks to a spectacular crystal chandelier. You’ll need to make reservations for their afternoon tea service, but it’s an absolute must for your visit to Charleston. Especially now as weather is cooler and you’ll want more activities indoors. It’s one of those places that you won’t forget!

Hotel Bennett X Tealeaves

A collaboration fit for royalty

While Hotel Bennett has been serving Tealeaves, they recently launched a collaboration with them for a specialty blend of their own house tea. I always love picking up teas that are made especially for places I visit. It’s not only a wonderful way to be transported back to the experience every time you make it at home, but it’s also a fantastic gift to take to a friend. The hotel is now offering the blend for sale, and I think it’ll make a wonderful stocking stuffer or hostess gift this holiday season.

Tea Time With Santa

At Hotel Bennett

On Instagram I shared a story from my childhood about having a tea party with my grandmother. It’s been a constant thought in my mind to ensure that the little girls in my life get to create memories like that too. So when I learned of tea time with Santa at the Hotel Bennett, I knew I had to share this fun experience with you all. If you will be in Charleston over the holidays, certainly look into it. It’ll be a wonderful experience for you and a special little one in your life. You can learn more about it here.

Experiencing Charleston

Southern Hospitality & Charm

Earlier this year, I shared a guide to a few of my favorite dining options in Charleston. Included in the exceptional dining experiences in the city is Gabrielle. It’s a restaurant found at the Hotel Bennett! If you’d like to learn more about my favorite spots to eat around Charleston click here. The city has so much to offer, and you can walk to many of these spots as they are located near the downtown area. 

Creating Your Own Magic

Tea Time Wherever you are

Afternoon tea services can be found all over the United States and beyond, and it’s definitely a treat to go to them. If you have one nearby, I’d encourage you to dress up and treat yourself to the experience. Get a girlfriend to go with you or take someone else that is special to you to create your own memories. One of the best spots to look is at hotels, as many of the luxury hotels have some sort of service. Most often it is a reservation only ordeal, so plan ahead and have fun!

My Makeup Must Haves

For special occasions

I’ve shared this list before, because these are my tried and true products. If you ever have a question about a skin care product or make item just ask. There is a high chance I’ve tried it out. I’ve got a bit of a problem with products and absolutely love seeing what is coming out and finding things that make my skin glow!

Day Of Makeup

My go to Makeup for lasting power

I’ve mentioned this on Instagram, but I am a product junkie. Even though I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I love to buy it and test it out. Because when I do  need it, I want it to look flawless and be the best. Below are my tried and true options, plus a newer to me under eye cream that has just blown me away. It blurs the lines around my eyes and gives me a brighter look.

As with any makeup routine, the best place to start is with a good base. Make sure you are prepping your skin with plenty of moisturizer and a good primer. I’ve been loving the YSL primer balm (here) because it always gives my skin a dewy start. You can actually layer it over your foundation as well. If I’m going to be at the event for a long time, I’ll use this powder (here) to set everything. Just make sure you use it lightly under your eyes. I find that too much powder can make your skin look dry and wrinkled, even if you don’t really have any! I didn’t put it on the board, but I always have a tube of the Tarte Maracuja Lip Balm (here) in my bag. If you need recommendations for skin care prep or have a specific need with makeup message me! I’m happy to help you find something that works well for you. 

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